Science Department - 200 Level

225. Contemporary Environment Issues

This elective introduces students to the scientific issues of the day. Students will examine issues such as global warming, alternative energy sources, and water management. The course will alternate between courses of exploration and research, and debate and discussion of possible solutions. Oral skills, specifically debate or presentations, will be emphasized, as well as researching skills.

226. Introduction to Organic Farming

This course will assist students in understanding the growth and field of agriculture and horticulture. In addition to the class work, students will help with the management of the School's organic vegetable garden.

227. Introduction to Neuroscience—New!

This class provides an interactive introduction to how the brain works. The course will discuss the basic concepts of neural communication, neuroanatomy, sensory and motor systems, sleep and dreaming, emotion, learning and memory, and language, and what alterations lead to addiction, neurological and psychiatric disorders.  Students will also participate in frequent lab activities that provide a hands-on learning experience.  This course is intended for students with an interest in science and who have had prior exposure to biology.

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