Mathematics Department - 100 Level

120. Pre-Algebra

The Pre-Algebra course is designed to prepare students for an elementary algebra course by reinforcing the skills necessary for success in secondary school mathematics. In addition to an intensive review, the course previews topics from Algebra I, including operations with numbers and variables, powers and exponents, order of operation and solutions of first degree equations. Other topics will be included as time permits.

121. Introduction to Algebra

This course is designed for those who need to strengthen their command of numerical techniques, arithmetic, and number systems before beginning a formal study of algebra. Some of the most important topics from a first course in algebra are also introduced to give the student a firm foundation for later work. Linear equations and word problems are studied to give training in the skills needed for a thorough understanding of algebra.

122. Introduction to Geometry

This course prepares students to take a course in geometry by introducing the more important aspects of the studies of shape and logic. Many of the important properties of geometric figures are studied so that they will be better understood when encountered in the more formal structure of Euclidean proof. These topics include symmetry, angle, length, proportion, and parallelism. The fundamentals of logic and proof are presented to give a foundation in the skills of writing proofs.

123. Introduction to Algebra II

The first half of this course reviews many of the topics of a first course in algebra, including graphing, solution of equations, word problems, fractional expressions, and radicals. The second half of the course expands on these topics and presents some of the new topics of the early chapters of a course in second year algebra. This course is designed to give students greater facility in the skills of algebra by requiring them to work on those techniques which improve with practice.

124. Introduction to Precalculus

Designed for students who have already completed Geometry and Algebra II, this course affords an opportunity to explore many of the functions important to the continued study of mathematics leading up to the calculus. Topics for study may include, but are not limited to, linear, quadratic and polynomial functions; rational functions; exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions. There will be an emphasis on in-depth study of the selected topics through applications and models. To that end, a good graphing calculator is a necessity. The Mathematics Department at Taft currently uses the TI-83Plus.

125. Introduction to Calculus—New!

This course is designed as an introduction to single variable calculus for students who have completed Precalculus. Topics include limits and continuity, basic differentiation techniques, applications of derivatives such as min-max problems, and basic techniques of integration. Most applications will focus on polynomial functions. To that end, a good graphing calculator is a necessity. The Mathematics Department at Taft currently uses the TI-83Plus.

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