Social Sciences - 100 Level

148. Psychology—New!

This course will cover in-depth several major topics in the discipline of psychology. Major emphases will be placed on research methods, the brain and biological bases of behavior, stages of human development, sensation and perception, cognition and consciousness, learning theories, personality theories, and abnormal psychology. Students in this course alternate between learning new material and also applying their knowledge by analyzing case studies, conducting experiments, and completing questionnaires to learn about themselves. This course is designed for high school students and requires advanced reading and critical thinking skills as well as previous experience with biology.

150. Early American History

This course examines the colonization of North America and the foundation of the United States.  Students will examine the formation of the thirteen colonies, the American Revolution, the creation of the republic and its formative years. Daily reading assignments are given and emphasis is placed on a collaborative examination of material. Students engage in daily discussions but formal debates and other teaching methods are utilized. Quizzes and tests are some of the evaluation methods, but an emphasis is placed upon construction of historical persuasive essays.

151. 20th Century American History

This course reviews American political, social, and cultural history since the end of World War II. Students will examine specific topics such as the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Students will also develop historians' skills. Critical reading, evidence-based essay writing, and primary source analysis are emphasized.

152. 20th Century American History - ESL

This course is similar in format to 151., but is designed with ESL students in mind.

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