Arts Department - 200 Level

231. Introduction to Digital Photography

Introduction to Digital Photography is a fast-paced course designed for students with little experience working behind the digital camera. Across the five week course, students are taught how to operate digital cameras effectively, edit their work within Adobe Photoshop and other editing software, and how to participate in artistic critiques. Students enrolled in this introductory course will create a personal portfolio and exhibit their work at the end of school art show. A digital camera is required for this course.

233. Acting

This is a course for students interested in beginning acting. Topics covered include movement, voice, characterization, and analysis of text. Further, production aspects of make-up, costume and scene making are considered. The school play frequently draws some members from this class for its cast.

234. Introduction to Studio Art

This course focuses on exploration in the studio. Students enrolled in the 200-level studio art course assemble portfolios through a series of projects that require creative thinking, problem solving, and attention to aesthetics. Innovative studio art projects concentrate on the elements and principles of art through a variety of 2 and 3-dimensional art forms. There is an emphasis on the development of personal style through the exploration of both traditional and non-traditional media and a variety of subject matter. The course includes instruction in preparing for a gallery exhibit.

236. Digital Video Production

In this class, students will learn to operate a digital video camera, including how to transfer video to a computer for editing and back to the camera, tape or CD. Students will also learn about different types of shots and angles, and how they can help to convey a story. They will write and storyboard short thematic projects, which they will then shoot, download to a computer, and edit using iMovie. With the iMovie software, they will also add titles, music, voice over and special effects. Finally, students will learn to save their projects in a variety of media formats. This course is designed for students entering grades 9 through 12.
A digital video camera is required for this course.

237. Explorations in Clay

Designed for both beginners and advanced students, this course teaches a variety of hand building techniques, including pinch, coil, and slab work. In addition to hand building, students will be able to spend time working on the potter's wheel to develop techniques with centering, throwing cylinders, and then proceeding into more advanced varieties of bowls and vases. Students will learn how to decorate and glaze their ceramic pieces. The class will be devoted to personal attention and exploration, and personal goals will be encouraged. Students will have an opportunity to display their work at a gallery exhibit at the end of the term.

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