Arts Department - 100 Level

160. Studio Art

This course focuses on exploration in the studio. Students with limited experience are welcome, but should expect to be challenged. Students enrolled in the studio art course assemble portfolios through a series of projects that require creative thinking, problem solving, and attention to aesthetics. Innovative studio art projects concentrate on the elements of art and principles of design through drawing, painting, printmaking, assemblage, installation, and even flipbook animation. There is an emphasis on the development of personal style through the exploration of both traditional and non-traditional media and a variety of subject matter. Art history forms the base of many assignments and students are asked to conduct independent research as well. The course includes instruction in framing and matting in preparation for a gallery exhibit at the end of the term.

161. Photography (Traditional and Digital)

This course will combine traditional darkroom wet practices with the digital dry process. Open for enrollment to both beginner and advanced students, this course will address technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. Students will learn to develop black-and-white film and print from negatives. In addition, they will learn the fundamentals of digital image adjustment, including matching the printed output to the image. Picture making values and ideas will be discussed throughout the course. At the end of the summer term, there will be a student art show.

This course requires both a 35mm camera and a digital camera. Enrollment is limited to eight participants.

Instructor: The Taft Summer School is pleased to appoint Yee-Fun Yin as the new Photography instructor. Mr. Yin is an Adjunct Professor of Photography at the Gateway Community College in New Haven, as well as an award-winning practicing artist. He holds a B.A from Yale University and an M.F.A. in Photography from the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford. Mr. Yin is a member of the Society of Photographic Educators (SPE), as well as several art councils in the Connecticut area. For more information about Mr. Yin's work, visit

162. Clay Workshop

Explore the exciting versatility of clay. Use the power of hands and imagination to create sculptures and pottery. Devoted to personal attention, this course is for the student with no previous experience or for those seeking futher development of hand building, throwing, and glazing skills. Many hand-building methods will be explored: slab, coil, dowel, mold, pinch, trapped air and the use of textures. Basic throwing, as well as more advanced techniques, will also be taught. Students work at their own pace and experimentation and personal goals will be encouraged. Students will be able to combine throwing and hand building techniques to enhance their ability to build more individualized pieces. Various artists will be introduced to inspire creative thinking.

Students will have an opportunity to display their work at a gallery exhibit at the end of the term.

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