Morning Meetings

Each Tuesday and Thursday during the school year, all students gather in Bingham Auditorium for Morning Meeting. In addition to talks by the headmaster, chaplain or other members of the faculty, students themselves and outside guests frequently address the school. When possible, these talks, or performances, are recorded and made available here.

To listen, simply click on any of the recordings below. You can scroll through the recordings using the arrow on the right of the playlist.


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Sports Awards
May 25
Uppermid Awards Ceremony
May 24
Senior Projects - Joe Freeman
May 19
Election Results and Shelby Meckstroth '13
May 17
"Bing" West, DuBois Speaker
May 12
Mai Nguyen '12 and Mimi Picotte '11
May 10
Seniors Claire Wilson and Katie Karraker
May 05
Seniors Taylor Majewski, Julie Nam, Lauren Bly
May 03
Rockwell Visiting Artist Bruce Stiglich
April 28
Seniors Ed Gyasi, Jackie Topete
April 26
Agnes Vertes – Yom HaShoah
April 21
Ally Hamilton, Oliver Kwon, Annie Oppenheim
April 19
Sierra Mead, Kate Moreau, and Lillie Belle Viebranz
April 14
Steve Holland, Stephanie Manley
April 12
Sophia Garrow '11
March 31
Tom Sasani '11
March 29
Dance Ensemble
March 03
Justice Flemming Norcott '61
March 01
Studies Abroad for Global Education (SAGE)
February 24
Faces of Homelessness
February 22
Kilbourne Summer Enrichment Fellows Present
February 17
Wendy Treynor '93, PhD in social psychology
February 15
"Gentleman Jim & The Penalty Crew of Love"
February 10
Tibetan Monks
February 08
Seniors Sara Guernsey and Zeyad Elshorfy
February 03
Al Campo International
January 27
Seniors Ann Cantwell and Sophie Kearney
January 25
Carly Borken, environmental justice
January 20
Tanner Janesky '12
January 18
Nate Kuslis '04 on Energy Policy
January 13
Hot Tamales, New Orleans-style jazz
January 11
morning meeting
January 11
Poole Fellows Jasmine Oh, Cassie Willson and John Boyd
January 06
Chaplain Robert Ganung
January 04
Headmaster Willy MacMullen '78
December 07
Senior Liz Sangree
December 02
Poole Fellows Lucas Gottleib and Jack Beller, Page Fellow Neve Schadler
November 18
Tom Adams
November 16
Faculty Member Dick Cobb on Veterans' Day
November 11
Senior Philippe Simard
November 09
Faculty Member Brian Denyer on School Year Abroad
November 04
Cum Laude Inductions
November 02
Linda Saarnijoki reads Halloween Tales
October 26
Headmaster Willy MacMullen's Parents' Day Talk
October 23
Michael Behnke on College Admissions
October 23
Jeremy Clifford, Community Service
October 21
Indrajit Chowdhury, sitar player
October 19
Ward Mailliard '65
October 14
Chef Jerry Reveron
October 07
Nutritionist Janette Luparia, CHAT Program
October 05
John Boyd '11
September 28
Greg Hawes on New Orleans and Zeitoun
September 23
Idara Foster '11
September 21
Dr. Angela Duckworth on intelligence and hard work
September 17
Jake Cohen, head monitor
September 16
Chaplain Bob Ganung
September 14


Headmaster Willy MacMullen
May 27
Uppermid Awards Ceremony
May 25
Senior Projects
May 20
Porteous Faculty Speaker Dan Murphy
May 18
Seniors Thu Pham, Reed Shapiro, Cam Mullen
May 13
Max Frew, James Hottensen, Abe Gatling, Claire Grieve
May 11
Morning Meeting
May 06
Hiroshima Survivors
May 04
Head mon results; talks by seniors Jared Jackson, Lily Estabrook and Sam Isaac
April 29
Seniors Hailey Karcher, Biz Brauer & Katie Carden
April 22
Rev. Ganung & The Religion & Spiritual Life Council at Taft
April 20
Rabbi Eric Polokoff
April 15
Pailey Speaker David Levin, KIPP
April 13
Storyteller Odds Bodkin
April 08
Freddie Gonzalez '05 performs with Cyrus McGoldrick '05, TJ Thompson
March 30
Tom O'Mealia '10 and Naeem Ahmad '10
March 25
West African Dance
March 01
Dr. Klein on Sleep and Teens
February 25
Kilbourne Artists
February 23
Parents Day Talk
February 20
Mr. Ricks and class on Nelson Mandela
February 18
Life of the Buddha
February 16
Faculty "Can Still Rock"
February 11
Karen Pryor, behavioral biologist
February 09
Faculty Member Jen Zaccara on the Essence of Taft
February 04
Guest Speaker Tim Gibb
February 02
Linda Chandler, GSS Chair
January 26
Lucy Morris '10 and LeighAnne O'Mealia
January 21
Faculty Member Laura Monti '89
January 19
Seniors Ellen Eckhout and Alice Cho
January 14
Rohan Freeman
January 12
Academic Dean Jon Willson '82
January 07
Headmaster Willy MacMullen on School Spirit
January 05
Ian Pounds
December 08
Ginger O'Shea
December 03
Rhodes Scholar Willy Oppenheim '04
December 01
Patrick Atkinson, God's Child Project
November 19
School Year Abroad
November 12
Veterans Day
November 10
Kate Jellinghaus '89
November 06
Headmaster's Talk
October 31
Duckie Rudkin '10
October 29
Jahdai Kilkenny '10
October 27
Jeremy Clifford on service
October 22
Cum Laude Society Inductions
October 20
Leon Hayward
October 15
City Year
October 08
Visiting Artist Susan Mastrangelo
October 02
Dean of Students Carl Carlson
September 29
The Curriculum Initiative
September 22
Headmonitor Bo Redpath
September 17
Chaplain Bob Ganung
September 15
Opening Convocation, Headmaster Willy MacMullen
September 10


Headmaster Willy MacMullen
May 28
Spring Athletic Awards Assembly
May 27
Uppermid Awards Ceremony
May 26
Senior Projects
May 21
Seniors Schuyler Dalton, Sarah Albert, Robin Oh and Paul Kiernan
May 19
Students Charlie Wagner, Max Winkler and Mark Simone
May 05
Artist Jo Goldberger '83
April 30
Kabuki Presentation
April 28
Seniors Gigi Espejo and Kira Parks
April 23
Eboo Patel, author of An American Muslim
April 21
Seniors Diana Saverin and Catherine Winslow
April 14
Congressman Chris Murphy
April 09
Seniors Ben Zucker and Chris Zheng
April 07
Annabel Smith, Porteous Fund Faculty Speaker
March 31
James Martin '03, Second City
March 10
Guiding Eyes For the Blind
March 05
Wendy Kopp, Founder Teach For America
March 03
Prof. Zetterholm, Lund University, Sweden
February 26
Presentation of MLK Day Quilt
February 19
Senior Kat Gronauer presents her ISP on SAD
February 17
Kilbourne Artists present
February 10
Island Schoolers
February 05
Roy Chowdhury plays sitar
February 03
Shelly J. Riling speaks on online predator issues
January 29
Senior Julie Foote
January 27
Dr. Augustine Mahiga (Tanzanian Ambassador to the U.N.)
January 22
King Corn director Ian Cheyney
January 13
Rockwell Artist Dawn Clements
January 08
Headmaster Willy MacMullen
December 09
Service Clubs
November 18
Francis Bok on Sudan
November 11
Election Debate
October 28
Cum Laude Society Inductions
October 21
Community Service Day
October 16
Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research (WISER)
October 09
Greg Hawes
October 02
Poet Jon Walton, World Vision
September 30
Artist Robert Eshoo
September 25
Will Sayre '09
September 23
Dean of Students Carl Carlson
September 18
Head monitor Bob Vulfov '09
September 16
Chaplain Bob Ganung
September 11
Headmaster Willy MacMullen
September 09


Headmaster Willy MacMullen's Uppermid Awards Talk
May 27
Seniors Anne Samuelson, Nate Breg, Camilla McFarland
May 15
Senior Dustin Oria
May 08
School Archivist Alison Gilchrist
May 06
DuBois Fellow Shaazka Beyerle (Int'l Center on Nonviolent Conflict)
May 01
The Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens (Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut)
April 29
Seniors Luther Masanto, Eli Coston and Matt Ale
April 17
Jon Willson '82 (Taft Academic Dean)
April 10
Seniors Monisha Dillard, Maddy Bloch and Jenny Glazer
April 08
Dr. Michael Stubile (Operation Smile)
April 03
Marc Leuthold '80 (Rockwell Visiting Artist)
March 27
Robert Ganung (Taft Chaplain)
March 25
Anthony Romero (Executive director, ACLU)
March 04
Ulrick Gaillard, Batey Relief Alliance
February 28
Farid Esack (Visiting Muslim Scholar at Harvard Divinity School)
February 25
Shanika Audige '08
February 21
Institute for American Indian Studies
February 19
Headmaster's Parents Weekend Talk
February 16
Faculty Band
February 14
Chaplain Davis (Columbia University)
February 12
Kilbourne Artists Present
February 07
Headmaster Willy MacMullen '78
February 05
Chaplain Bob Ganung
January 31
Louise Truehart '08
January 29
Rusty Davis
January 17
Courtney White '08
January 15
Greg Hawes
January 10
Sounds of Afrika
January 08
Headmaster Willy MacMullen '78
December 04
Colin Farrar
November 06
Linda Saarnijoki
October 25
Cum Laude Inductions
October 23
Reflections on Community Service
October 18
Ashleigh Kowtoniuk '08
October 16
Visiting Artist Robert Eshoo
October 11
Japanese Tea Ceremony
October 08
Greg Ricks
October 04
Pulitzer-Prize Winner Tracy Kidder
October 02
Headmaster Willy MacMullen '78
September 27
Lucy Cluver, AIDS orphans in South Africa
September 25
Tibetan Monks Present Thangka to Sacred Art Collection
September 20
Waverly Ann Harris, Invisible Children
September 18
Head Monitor Lily Lanahan '08
September 13
September 11, 2007 - Chaplain Robert Ganung
September 11
Headmaster Willy MacMullen '78
September 06

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