What is there to do at Taft?

Extracurricular Activities and Organizations

Some of these clubs have been around for more than 100 years, and new ones come and go all the time.

Admissions Council
As many as 50 students work with the admissions office doing a variety of jobs including matching visiting students with tour guides, and corresponding with and finding tour guides. Council members also give tours to admissions office visitors.

The Annual
The Annual, the School yearbook, provides opportunities for work in the photographic, artistic, and business fields. The staff prints both a yearbook and a spring supplement.

Baking Club

Billards Club


Charity Water

CHAT: Community Health At Taft

Chess Club

Christmas Club

Cinamatic Adventure Club

Coffee House

Debate Club
The Debate Club helps students develop their skills in the art of debating techniques. It offers the opportunity for interscholastic debate events with other New England schools and is open to all students.

Democracy Club

Demoncratic Club

Diversity Committee
The Diversity Committee tries to create an environment that embraces and celebrates differences within the Taft community. By enhancing communication and understanding, the committee nurtures a sense of comfort and community. The faculty chooses student members.

Economics and Investment Club

FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America

Filmakers Club

Fly Fishing Club

FOCUS, The Fellowship of Christians at Universities and Schools, is a national organization promoting discussion of ethical issues. The Taft FOCUS chapter meets with regional focus groups on weekend outings and sponsors events at school as well.

FONTS: Fellowship of Non-Theistic Students

Free Press

French Club
The French Club meets weekly to listen to music and speak exclusively in French. They prepare and enjoy French cooking and attend French films.

Friends Acting as Mentors


The Garden State Club

GOP Club

The Hydrox is a 10- to 15-member select a cappella singing group. Completely student organized and directed, the Hydrox sing at the Parents Weekends and alumni functions throughout the year. Auditions are held at the beginning of the school year and are open to all girls.

International Club
The International Club strives to broaden the Taft Community’s international and cultural awareness by raising issues important to the many foreign students at Taft. The International Forum, a newsletter published by the organization, contains articles, editorials, and comments on global issues.

Italian Club

Jam Club

Jewish Student Organization
The JSO is a religous-oriented group that allows Jewish students at Taft to be part of a religous community. The JSO meets every so often for a shabbat dinner. The JSO allows Jewish students to attend temple on Friday nights if desired, as well as holidays. There are also celebrations and lessons on the Jewish holidays as well. The JSO is open to any Taft student who is interested in learning about the Jewish religion.

Latin Club

Libertarian Club

Liberty in North Korea


Masque And Dagger
Masque and Dagger is a student run drama society. The group puts on a play each winter giving students a chance to explore directing, acting, set design, and technical production. Actors are selected by audition, however all students are invited to help out in other areas of the production. Members of Masque and Dagger also act in student ISP projects and films throughout the year.

Math Club
The Math Club meets about once every two weeks. It is run by students, and its major purpose is to prepare members for regional (New England Math League) and national (American High School Mathematics Exam) contests, though the overarching goal is to enjoy and become more proficient at problem solving. If a hen and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half how many hens will it take to lay twelve dozen eggs in six days . . . you get the idea.

Model U.N.
An organization started at Taft in the 2000-01 school year, the group travels to the national Model U.N. conference to participate with other school representatives in developing policies and making decisions about international issues.

The mission of OAR, Outdoor Adventure and Recreation, is to bring Taft students and teachers together by participating in outdoor recreation in the hopes of inspiring teamwork and leadership. OAR hikes throughout New England and participates in a variety of activities.

The Oriocos is a 10- to 15-member select male singing group. Completely student organized and directed, the Oriocos sing at the Parents Weekends and alumni functions throughout the year. Auditions are held at the beginning of the school year and are open to all boys.

Outreach 360

Ping Pong Club

Recognize the Rhino

Red Inc.
Red Inc., the School literary publication, is published twice a year. Students may submit prose, poetry, and photographic and art work to the editors.

Red Sweater Club

Republican Club
The Republican Club seeks to create general awareness of major contemporary issues, and advocates the conservative viewpoint through its members. It holds weekly open meetings to discuss political issues, and is active outside the School as a member group of the national Teen Age Republicans.


SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions

Science Olympiad

SHOUT (Students, Homosexual & Otherwise United @ Taft)
This student-run gay/straight alliance seeks to combat homophobia in the community through open forums, outside speakers, sponsored events, and peer counseling. The group is also active on a state level working to pass new legislation, attending conferences and rallies, and volunteering at major events around Connecticut.

Spanish Club
The Spanish Club meets weekly to listen to music and speak exclusively in Spanish. They prepare Spanish foods and occasionally travel to see Spanish films or plays.

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassador Club introduces Taft students to the role of the Alumni Office while teaching them the importance of philanthropy. Students from all classes volunteer at events, thank-you calling, alumni telethons and becoming class agents upon graduation. Fun social events are held on campus for these students volunteers.

Student Technology Advisory Board

Sunshine Club

The Taft Papyrus
The Taft Papyrus is the official student newspaper of the Taft School. Founded in 1893 and issued periodically during the school year, it is devoted to the ideas and interests of the student body, parents, and alumni of the school. Students interested in writing, researching, editing, or doing photography for the newspaper are invited to speak with the Editors-in-Chief or the newspaper’s faculty advisor or may attend the organizational meetings that precede the publication of each issue.

TEAM: Taft's Environmental Awareness Movement
The Taft Environmental Awareness Movement was organized to help the community to better understand environmental concerns. TEAM sponsors an extensive recycling project on campus and works with various organizations at Taft to promote environmental issues. TEAM has also sponsored trips to lectures and programs that involve conservation.

TMC: Taft's Music Collection

Tour Guides
Perhaps the largest organization at Taft, the Tour Guides volunteer to show the School to prospective students, parents, and visitors. Students wishing to offer their services as tour guides should contact the Admissions Office. Tour guides are organized by the Admissions Council, a group of students charged with welcoming visitors to the School.

The United Cultures at Taft is an organization dedicated to helping students from various cultures to better understand each other. UCT organizes regular meetings, often featuring outside speakers, and supports special events at the School. Trips to other schools for dances and cross-cultural programs are also sponsored by UCT. The United Cultures at Taft welcomes all students.

Varsity Science Journal Club

Volunteer Council
Last year close to two hundred students participated in some type of volunteer work. Students work in a wide variety of local organizations including Planned Parenthood, St. Mary’s Hospital, Headstart, Women’s Emergency Shelter, Hospice, local elementary schools, and the Bloodmobile. Some students are able to substitute volunteer work for an exercise one term each year, whereas others work their volunteer commitments into their schedules in other ways.

WRED, the student-run radio station, allows students to learn about radio production while providing entertainment and news for students on the Taft campus. Broadcasts are normally in the evenings. Students must be approved by the officers of the station through an application process before they may broadcast live.


Step Club: The Red Stampede

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