Girls' Thirds Squash vs Canterbury School

Score/Result: 7-0 (12-0 overall) W

Girls' 3rds Squash brings home first win of the season

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Taft Girls' 3rds team enjoyed a big win over worthy opponents at Canterbury today.  Leading the charge at the number one spot was veteran player, Sanju Maheshwari '19, who dominated the front of the court with some killer drop shots.  Winning in three games straight, Sanju demonstrated calm composure and focus against a talented Canterbury opponent, Lily Li.  In the number two spot, Halle Wagner '20 demonstrated why she is a force to be reckoned with on the court.  Winning in three straight against a wonderful competitor in Aaliyah Biondo, Halle appeared as though she had been a part of the Taft squash program for years.  In the number three spot, Nico Gusac '19 was equally dominant and won in three games as well.  With tremendous power, focus, and agility on the court, Nico made life difficult for her talented opponent, Selina Xin, who kept several of the games close.  In the number four spot on the team, Michelle Lian '20 dominated the first two games against her opponent, Bella Cotier, but Bella made a valient return and won the third.  Michelle maintained her focus, made smart choices about ball placement and body movement on the court and won the fourth decisively.  In the number five spot, veteran Reese Bragg '19 played the last match of the entire competition and with all eyes on her, she won in three straight.  Her opponent, Joyce Gao, kept each game close, however, and nearly took the second, but Reese is a fierce competitor and when a game comes down to the wire, she more often than not can place her laser focus on winning each final point.  In the number six spot, Annabelle Pulver '18 had an excellent match against a worthy opponent in Jane Wu.  All of the games were close, and Jane took the third, but Annabelle stayed focused, demonstrated tremendous hustle in getting to some excellent drop shots at the front of the court, and took home the win.  In the number seven spot, Annabelle Dewing '19, another veteran of the team, had a great match against a strong player in Claire Yang.  Claire kept racking up the points, but in the end, Annabelle's experience and confidence allowed her to take home the win in three games.  In the number eight spot, Emily Crouch '19, another veteran of the team played through a cold and won in two against a good player in Erin Kincade.  In the number nine spot, newcomer Hartley Messer played a wonderful match against Maliyah Perkins from Canterbury and won in two games.  In the number ten spot, Maggie Masterson fought through some shoulder pain in order to beat her opponent, Sabrina Capodicci in two games as well.  In the number eleven spot, Addie Delafield played Canterbury's number 8, Erin Kincade, and won in two games with a fantastic serve and some smart shots away from her opponent.  Finally, newcomer Rose Gasser won her match in two games against Canterbury's number 9 and demonstrated a wonderful quickness and agility that assured her the win.  Canterbury was a wonderfully gracious host, and we all learned a great deal in our first games of the season.  Thank you, Canterbury!

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