Varsity Wrestling

Head Coach: Greg Hawes

Wrestling is one of Taft's oldest and most storied sports programs.  The wrestling room is named for John Wynne, legendary coach from 1965-2000.  Taft has enjoyed 29 winning seasons in the past 30 years.  Since 2001, the Taft wrestling team has fielded six Western New England champions and one New England champion.  We compete in the Western New England wrestling association with 16 other teams, including Hotchkiss, Avon, Hopkins and Brunswick.  

The philosophy of Taft wrestling is that we are part of the education of the whole person.  While we have had alums wrestle in college, many of our wrestlers enter our program with minimal or no experience.  We do not differentiate between the Varsity and JV teams.  We are one program, and we try to get as many wrestlers into the Varsity lineup as we can during the course of the season.  Wrestling is about building character.  You both walk out onto the mat as an individual and as a member of a team.  Taft's winning dual meet tradition is about that sense of team.  Taft wrestlers (all wrestlers) learn the value of hard work, of learning to push through discomfort and finding out that limits are made to be transcended.  Taft wrestling is another facet of the school's mission to educate and cultivate the whole person.

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