Parents FAQ

How will my child get back and forth from school for vacations?

The school runs chartered buses from Taft to the major airports, as well as to New York’s Penn and Grand Central stations. At other times, buses, cabs and trains can be arranged. More info on those can be found in the Student Handbook or by contacting Mike Blomberg at 860-945-7721.

Can students come home or travel for special events during the term?

There are a number of open weekends throughout the year when students may go home or, with your permission, visit friends. Missing class days is discouraged, with the exception of seniors, who have a certain number of days to use for college visits. Of course if there is a family wedding or the like, we try to be accommodating. Students may petition to miss up to five academic days during the school year. (Please refer to the absence policy on p. 19 of the Student Handbook. The best place to start is with a call or e-mail to the Dean’s Office well in advance of the event.

What about school trips?

Every year, faculty offer a number of athletic, cultural and service-oriented trips during school breaks. Informational letters go home to parents of students who express an interest, and general details will be posted to the website as they become known.

Does Taft have a dress code?

For the class day, boys are in collared shirts and trousers and girls wear dresses, or slacks or skirts with blouses. More formal attire is worn for certain dinners: coat and tie for boys, dresses or nicer skirts for girls. Details are also in the Student Handbook.

What about laundry?

Each dorm has washing machines and dryers, but if you think your child is unlikely to make much use of them a weekly laundry service is available at additional cost.

What if my child gets sick in the middle of the night?

The Martin Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day. Any corridor monitor or faculty member can escort them after “lights.”

Do I need to send my child with enough cash for a whole semester?

No, all students are set up with campus debit card accounts, which the Business Office will contact you about directly. If you have any questions or need to make changes, please contact the Business Office at 860-945-7761. There is also an ATM machine on campus.

Can my child use a cell phone on campus?

Yes, but we can’t guarantee they’ll use it to call home. We think it’s nicer to be surrounded by people not yakking on their phones, so the rule is that phones should be neither seen nor heard, which means students should be making calls only from their dorm rooms or the Day Student Common Room. Click here to see which providers work best on campus.

How can my child change his or her schedule?

Students who wish to make a change to their academic program should contact Dean of Academic Affairs Jeremy Clifford. More information on specific course options and on graduation requirements can be found here.

When do we begin the college counseling process?

While the formal college counseling process (assigning a counselor, meeting with students and parents, building a list, etc.) does not begin until the second semester of the uppermid year, our four full-time college counselors welcome the opportunity to speak with students and parents at any time to discuss how each of us can work together to help our students maximize his or her eventual options in the college search, application, and selection process. For more information please contact Alison Almasian, director of college counseling, at 860-945-7825.

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