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Volunteer Council

Volunteer Council Board

The Volunteer Council Board is comprised of students who are charged to develop and carry out community service projects for the school. Some of these projects include fundraising for Save the Children, clothing and toy drives, Breast Cancer walks, serving food at a local shelter, and weekly homework help for local youth.

Last year close to 200 students participated in some type of volunteer work. Students help in a wide variety of local organizations including Planned Parenthood, St. Mary's Hospital, Headstart, Women's Emergency Shelter, Hospice, local elementary schools, and the Bloodmobile. Some students are able to substitute volunteer work for an exercise one term each year, whereas others work their volunteer commitments into their schedules in other ways.

Check out the Who We Work With link to see where students lend a hand, or visit Find Ways to Help to search the database of possible projects.

The Volunteer Council Board 2015-16:

    Kim Amelsberg
    Katie B.
    India Burns
    Parinaz Dastoor
    Lauren Fadiman
    Charlie Himmelrich
    Zygimantas Jievaltas
    Johnny Mogart
    Katherine Queally
    Amanda Roberts
    Carter Taft
    Emily Weaver
    Hannah Wilczynski

Red Rhino Fund Board 2012-13

The foundation was created in 2007 to introduce Taft students to philanthropy and long term investment. They have created an endowment that they invest. The interest the foundation earns is donated to certain charities that they investigate in the greater Waterbury area, with a mission to support the education of underprivileged children.

Tess Conciatori
JooSung Kim
Shawn Kim
Nicole Lu
Sammi Morrill
Samuel Stamas

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