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Mission Statement

The Red Rhino Fund's purpose is to: (a) create positive change in the Greater Waterbury, Connecticut community for children, especially those who are underprivileged, through the promotion and nominal financial support of education, literacy, and the arts; and (b) that student trustees gain the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to continue philanthropic, not-for-profit, work later in life.


The Red Rhino Fund was established in 2007 to provide Taft students an introduction to philanthropy and not-for-profit trustee administration.

Endowment Stewardship

The Red Rhino Fund is an endowed fund, to be used for the purpose of fulfilling the Fund's mission. As an endowed fund, the principal amount continues to grow, or enhanced by additional contributions, and is never withdrawn or spent, only reinvested. The income generated by the endowed fund becomes an on-going source of revenue as the principal in the fund grows. Red Rhino Fund Board Members learn about endowment stewardship and spending plans through their service on the board.

Consistent with Taft's motto, "Non Ut Sibi Ministretur, Sed Ut Ministret" (Not to be served, but to serve), the Fund introduces students to the fundamental elements of organized charitable giving, in the hope that they will continue to contribute positively to their communities during and after their years at Taft, and apply the knowledge learned at Taft when they serve on not-for-profit boards.

The Red Rhino Fund is run by a student board with elected officers each year. The Board oversees the three basic functions of a charitable not-for-profit organization:

  • Fundraising
  • Endowment Stewardship
  • Charitable Allocations

Three faculty members serve as advisors to the Fund.

Monies for the grant distributions are secured in three ways:

  1. Outright gifts of cash or securities contributed by parents, students, teachers and others
  2. Student-run fundraising events
  3. Income generated by the Red Rhino Fund involving a spending plan or "draw."

Grant Distributions

The Board of the Red Rhino Fund has chosen to support local agencies focusing on childhood education, especially literacy. In order to identify those organizations most deserving of their support, members of the Fund perform the following tasks during the school year:

  • Site Visits—Students visit programs in the Watertown/Waterbury areas that serve children through education enrichment, and after school activities.
  • Funding Grant Proposals—Potential grant recipients are asked to complete proposals outlining their specific programs and funding needs.
  • Volunteer—Taft students volunteer their time to develop personal connections with children and administrators at the local agencies.
  • Award Grants—Grant monies are presented at the end of each school year to the charities chosen by the Red Rhino Fund.


All gifts made to the Red Rhino Fund are tax deductible.

Gifts may be sent to:

The Taft School Development Office
Attn: Chris Latham
110 Woodbury Road
Watertown, CT 06795

Make checks payable to:
Taft School
Memo: Red Rhino Fund

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