Business Office

The Business Office is located at 51 The Green.
860-945-7775 FAX

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Gil Thornfeldt

Gil Thornfeldt, CFO/Business Manager
Reports to the Headmaster and Board of Trustees and is responsible for the financial and business affairs of the School. Also serves as Assistant Treasurer of the Corporation and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees.

Don Barton

Don Barton, Controller
Responsible for budget preparation, tax preparation, audit and general controllership of the School’s financial reporting functions. Supervises Accounts Payable, Student Accounts and General Accounting.

Astou Biteye

Astou Biteye, Accounts Payable

Angela Cerruto

Angela Cerruto, Director of Business Services
Responsible for supervising the Bookstore, Mailroom and Reception functions and oversees all summer programs on campus. Provides support to the Board and Committees and assists the CFO/Business Manager in preparing Board and Committee reports and presentations.

Tammy DeFeo

Tammy DeFeo, Assistant Controller

Marybeth Hayes

Marybeth Hayes, Business Office Services Coordinator
Serves as the Business Office representative in the main building, located in the mailroom/reception area.

Susan L. Henebry

Susan L. Henebry, Assistant Business Manager for Human Resources and School Counsel
Responsible for Human Resources and Benefits Administration; Payroll; Safety and Security; Risk Management; Legal Affairs

Dhimitrulla (Dina) Kollchaku

Dhimitrulla (Dina) Kollchaku, Accounts Receivable and Admin Support Specialist
Responsible for Student Accounts, Debit Card and other administrative functions in the Business Office.

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