Bringing Shrek to Life

Special Effects Take Center Stage


Cursed as a child, Princess Fiona turns into an ogress every night at sunset. Lacking the mystical powers to cast such a spell, Taft's Theater Arts team had to rely on a different kind of magic to transform students into fairytale creatures for the fall production of the popular musical, Shrek. Enter Tyler Green, magician.

            Green is an inventor, business owner, teacher, and special effects (SFX) makeup artist. He has turned men into monsters, and beauties into beasts. He was runner-up in the Syfy channel’s reality show competition, “Face Off.” Green’s studio is in Litchfield, Connecticut.

            “I took a chance,” says Adjunct Theater Arts Instructor Susan Aziz, “and knocked on his studio door. Although October and Halloween are very busy times for special effects makeup artists, he was willing to help us.”

            Green came to Taft this week to give student apprentices a look behind the SFX scenes. Working with latex appliances, prosthetics, and green makeup, Green taught students how to mold, fit, and airbrush, as he transformed Brady Grustas ’19 into the character he will play on stage at Taft later this month, Shrek. Green will come back for a second visit before the show opens next week.

            “Fiona actually transforms from human to ogre during the performance,” explains Aziz. “The change requires split-second timing backstage. It will be both very challenging, and very, very exciting.”

            Shrek opens next week, with performances throughout Parents’ Weekend. The public is invited to attend Wednesday, October 26 at 1:30 pm and Friday, October 28th at 7:30 pm; tickets are not required.

Visit Tyler Green’s website to learn more about his art and inventions.

View more photos from Green's visit to Taft.

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