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What Is The Parents' Fund?

The Parents' Fund is that portion of the Annual Fund that seeks gifts from parents of current students. It is conducted by members of the Parents' Committee, a group of approximately 60 volunteer families. The Parents' Fund at Taft is one of the leading campaigns of its kind in the country and for years has been the standard-bearer for parent giving among our nation's independent secondary boarding schools. Last year, the Parents' Fund contributed 36% of the overall Annual Fund.

What Is The Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising effort designed to help the school balance its annual operating budget. The fund is conducted by the Alumni and Development Office in coordination with Taft alumni and parent volunteers who seek to raise gifts from the school constituency, including alumni, current parents, past parents, grandparents and friends. Last year's Annual Fund raised $5 million dollars, representing 9% of the school's total operating budget.

Where Do Annual Fund Dollars Go?

Contributions to the Annual Fund go directly into the current operating budget, which supports not only the academic program at Taft, but also its library, athletic, arts, extracurricular and financial aid programs. The strength of Taft's Annual Fund has helped the school to balance its budget for the past 44 years.

Why Is The Annual Fund Necessary To Balance The Budget?

Tuition alone will not cover the school's $49.3 million dollar operating budget. In fact, Taft's 2016-17 tuition will cover only 64% of the actual cost of educating its students. Operating expenses will exceed tuition income by $27,000 per student! This $16 million dollar deficit must be made up by other sources of funding, including endowment income and Annual Fund contributions. In this respect, Taft's current students are the most direct and immediate beneficiaries of all Annual Fund gifts.

Why Is The Parents' Fund Important?

The quality of parent support at Taft not only serves to enhance the lives of each student in a direct and immediate way, but is also one of the school's most impressive credentials. Last year, 93% of Taft parents joined in raising $1,854,794! The ringing endorsement of its parent body has become Taft's special trademark and is a critical factor in enabling the school to compete on every level with the most highly endowed schools in the nation.

Please join your fellow Taft parents in making a gift to the Parents' Fund. Pledges are welcome but must be honored by June 30, 2017, when the Parents' Fund officially ends. Remember that your gift can be doubled if you or your spouse is associated with a company or foundation that matches gifts to secondary schools.

Please enter our secure site and join your fellow Taft parents in making a gift to the 2016-17 Parents' Fund. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Gorman, Parents' Fund Director, at 1-800-959-8238. Thank you!

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Donor Report

The 2015-16 Annual Donor Report is now available online!

By discontinuing the printing and mailing of 10,000 copies of the Annual Donor Report, we will save trees and help decrease our landfills, as well as save thousands of dollars that can be better used to support Taft's mission of educating the whole student. To protect the privacy of our donors, a password was mailed on to alumni, parents and friends of the school.

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