Study Away

Out-of-School Education Options

A number of students choose to broaden their educational experience through study away from the Taft campus. We encourage such exposure to diverse cultures and educational approaches. Our students return with newfound perspectives that enrich the Taft community.

Some students participate in programs such as the Maine Coast Semester of the Chewonki Foundation. Chewonki blends a traditional academic program with the cultivation of environmental awareness.

At the Island School, located on Eleuthera in the Bahamas, students study a traditional academic program and pursue intensive work in marine biology, including work at a government-sponsored research station.

The Mountain School is a third option, providing students with the opportunity to live, work and study on an organic farm in rural Vermont.

Students can now choose from the High Mountain Institute Semester as well. HMI Semester is a unique opportunity to spend a semester living, traveling and studying in the mountains of central Colorado and the canyons of southeastern Utah.

Rising uppermids and seniors may apply to study with School Year Abroad for a year (or in some cases a semester) in China, France, Italy, and Spain.

Students who want an international experience but don't want to miss out on any of their time at Taft participate in any number of summer programs. Representatives from study travel groups visit campus throughout the year, and advisor and language teachers can also make informed recommendations.

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