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Moorhead Academic Center

With an overarching mission to improve student learning, the Moorhead Academic Center offers a broad range of resources and services to Taft faculty, students, and parents. We work with faculty to incorporate research-based pedagogy and assessment into their teaching; assist students with learning strategies and study methods, and, where appropriate, facilitate their accommodations to help them become more effective academicians; and help parents navigate assessments, and evaluations of their children as learners.

Resources for our faculty include:

  • Department-specific development of pedagogical strategies and tactics, assessment, and curriculum
  • Inter-departmental groups that share resources and discuss teaching approaches
  • Neuroscientific, cognitive psychological, and educational materials relevant to classroom teaching
  • Individual consultations
  • Collaboration with deans, school counselors, and classroom teachers regarding academic support for students

Services for students include:

  • Individual or group consultations regarding
    • strategies for reading, understanding, and retention
    • math-, science-, and foreign language-specific study methods
    • time management and organizational skills
    • self-advocacy and self-determination techniques
  • Screening and evaluations to understand individual differentiations in learning
  • Recommendations and accommodations for documented learning differences
  • Assistance with research paper planning
  • An organized peer tutoring program

Resources for parents include:

  • Information on learning issues
  • Interpretation of findings of psycho-educational evaluations

Moorhead Academic Center Faculty

Jon Willson '82, director
Karen J.May, accommodations coordinator, learning specialist
David Dethlefs, learning specialist


Psycho-educational Testing Information Release Form (PDF)

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